Our Partners

At Hyett Education we strive to provide the very best services to education establishments as possible. Therefore, we work with other highly-skilled and effective organisations to ensure we are able deliver a range of quality services in a variety of locations across the UK. 


Squirrel Learning

Squirrel Learning provides a whole teaching and learning solution to embedding technology across the curriculum, increasing engagement and inspiring the use of technology to raise attainment.

Hyett Education and Squirrel Learning work together with students and teachers to maximise the potential of the latest technologies in the classroom, whilst supporting digital citizenship to ensure that young people, staff and parents are safe and confident in their use of digital technology.

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Centre for Digital & Online Behaviours (CeDOB)

CeDOB provide a service, led by qualified and respected experts in online safety, to support schools, academies and other educational establishments to develop best practice in online safety, wellbeing and behaviour. The service provides a holistic approach to ensure that young people, their families and the staff who work with them develop positive and healthy online practices.


Royal Air Force: Youth and STEM Engagement Team

We’ve been working with the RAF Youth and STEM Engagement Team to provide workshops around the UK that ignite students’ interest in STEM.

Our focus and support so far has been based on engineering design and coding and we’re proud to have been involved in so many excellent RAF STEM events that have inspired and encouraged thousands of students across the country.